WhatIWouldBuy is founded by me, Danique Bauer.

I launched whatiwouldbuy.com because I have a big affection for 'All Things Luxury'. The newest trends, the best products, luxurious niche brands from around the world, traveling to stunning and special places, etcetera etcetera!

Quite often I get questions like "Where did you buy that beauty product?", "What was the name of that special boutique hotel again?" or "Where did you get those awesome sunglasses?". These questions are one of the reasons I started whatiwouldbuy.com, and I feel blessed that so many people appreciate my style. 

WhatIWouldBuy - The Shop, is an online shop where my personal favorites are sold. Worldwide! Wether it's my favorite shampoo, interior design item or favorite Boutique Hotel. In The Shop, only products are sold that I can highly recommend you.

If you visit The Shop regularly, you will notice that the range of products is quickly expanding. So keep on visiting The Shop and stay informed of 'What I Would Buy' :).


P.S. More personal details about me? Go to 'Your Daily Dose of Inspiration' in the top menu and find out more about me in the footer menu. 

Company registration number: 34336410  VAT number: NL1689.57.024.B01 Telephone number: +31 (0)6 10935883 Email: contact@whatiwouldbuy.com